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Windows, Autohot Key, Alt Gr and Other Keybinding Excitement



I have about 230 ish keybindings and have just moved from linux to windows, where I find I can’t use the windows key (that might not be entirely true) anymore (it’s also the super key in linux).

I was thinking I could use the alt gr key instead of the windows key, but it turns out that windows doesn’t recognize alt gr as a separate key, basically alt gr = ctrl + alt.

Before I start remapping my keyboard, has anyone else run into these issues and do you have a fix or a direction I could go in ? I’m using ST3, which will no doubt throw a bit of a spanner in the works but I’m guessing a very large proportion of what I’ve just posted about will also be true for ST(4).

Hope y’all having a great festive season (if you’re festivising) otherwise:-
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Remapping all Sublime keys including default

Windows doesn’t let applications capture altgr or the windows key; they are processed by windows before ST gets those events. There’s ways to work around this as described here:, but that’s outside the scope of Sublime Text.

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This is not exactly what you are asking for, but related to some extent. My issue was that I wanted to use the Windows key with both hands, so I re-mapped the menu key to the Windows key. To do that, I used the code below in Autohotkey. The re-mapping is not perfect, but works for most of what I need, such as Win + #, Win + Shift + # and Win + Ctrl + # where # is numbers 1 through 6.

*AppsKey::Send, {LWinDown}
*AppsKey Up::Send, {LWinUp}
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That reddit post was what I was looking at (or something very similar), thus my post, before going down that rabbit hole.

Thanks for you reply.



Thank you that might be useful, gives me some functionality… I’m putting off diving into AutoHotKey, but I should bite the bullet :rabbit::hocho: