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Win OpenGL not handling display scaling


When I enabled OpenGL (OGL) acceleration, I noticed it was pre-highlighting UI elements as if the cursor were slightly above and to the left of where it actually was – a sure sign of not properly handling display scaling. The second I turned it off, and went back to “none” for acceleration, the problem fixed itself.

While OGL acceleration was active (“acceleration”, “opengl”), I also noticed the normal widgets in the “title bar” wound up in another bar below the actual title bar, which I took to be an OGL rendering limitation (wouldn’t let you render over the screen decoration using OGL). If it isn’t that, then there’s likely some layout problem with how OGL handles drawing the titlebar widgets, menu widget, etc. as well.

Just wanted to mention it. If there’s a way to enable/test “directx” rendering on Windows for SublimeMerge I couldn’t figure it out, only “opengl” seemed to work. I’d like to see both enabled for Merge as well as Text, because my Surface offers much better DX support than OGL support perf-wise.

Thanks for your hard work on great products!!! Renewed my Text this year, and just added a Merge license. IMO, there ought to be some discount for long-time Text owners buying Merge licenses, but I couldn’t find one if there was. Not a big deal, but you offer a discount if I buy Merge and Text together, so why not a discount for maintenance-active Text owners as well?