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Willing to Compensate for a Custom Sublime Merge Dark Theme (more friendly for individuals with poor vision)


I’m having a bit of trouble seeing some of the diff colors of the dark UI theme. Some of them are much fainter than what is shown via the preview on the website. For someone with not the greatest eyes, its making it quite difficult to use the software, unfortunately.

I’ve tried multiple times to make a custom theme, but failed each time as I tried to understand the system based on the documentation provided.

I’d like the colors to match more similarly the to diff colors of the dark mode of Github Desktop (which were tweaked when I and some others pointed out that they were harder for those with bad eyes to see).

Desktop Diff Colors:

I think the biggest issue is the blue/grey background of the area that shows the diff content. It would be nice if it were similar to the left side (see the horizontal red arrow). Then, all the diff colors associated with both the inline and side-by-side, as sometimes I like to swap between them.

I love the feature set of this program, but am currently not being able to use it that well with my eyes and my inability to put together a custom theme.

I’d be willing to send someone some compensation, via PayPal, if someone could piece together a file that overrides the dark theme with these few changes. Or, if anyone has a custom theme that they would like to share that improves upon this, that would be great.

JosephTLyons(at)gmail(dot)com is my email, if you’d be willing to help me and prefer to talk in private.



Based on the instructions posted here: Monokai in sublime merge I was able to at least get started on customizing the Sublime Merge color scheme to my personal preferences. I haven’t had time to actually work on the color scheme itself yet really, but at least I now know how to select my own color scheme and edit it.

So basically you create those three config files inside the User package, and then you place your chosen color scheme file also there (the one you point to in those three config files). And then it’s just a matter of adjusting any colors you want. You can get the default base color scheme files from C:\Program Files\Sublime Merge\Packages\Color Scheme - Default.sublime-package or the equivalent install path on your OS (open/extract it in 7-zip or another archiver program).

So you should have an equivalent of this (DerpOne.sublime-color-scheme here is my to-be custom color scheme file, it’s basically the default Monokai scheme copied over and renamed):

The nice thing is that the changes actually take effect immediately on the running SM instance, so it’s quite easy and fast to try out color values. For adjusting the background color, it seems to be the globals > background value, although I think you can also target it more specifically by some specific scope.

So although I haven’t yet customized the color scheme to be my usual color scheme (which is still in the old tmTheme format, which doesn’t work in SM, thus the need to update/redo it), it’s already pretty nice and something I can work with, unlike the default dark theme (not to mention the white theme that would burn my eyes).



I find the dark , almost impossible to wrk with and no doubt people will eventually have bad eyesight
I wish someone would create a very clean theme with
Super colours , that is very easy on the eyes ,
I believe it would benefit so many who suffer in silence
Thank you community .
If I knew how to create a theme , then I could do it as I am trained in colour schemes



Thank you very much for this. Sorry for the delay, I’m away on vacation, but I will try to use this to help me when I get back.



Agreed. For the price of Merge, it would be nice if it came with a handful of professional themes, with some attention towards those with bad eyes.