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Widget scaling to favour side-by-side comparison


I find the that two left widgets (Locations and Commits) are ofter so wide that side-by-side comparison is not favoured. Thereby the Locations widget is often much wider than its content taking up space of a useless gray area.

So would like to ask how to / to suggest to :

  • Scale Locations to its content.
  • Change the default width such that side-by-side comparison is favoured.

Note that I mostly use sublime merge to inspect the commit that I’m working on, rather than looking through the history or looking to different branches. So it is annoying to have to all the time manually scale down the widgets that are not useful.



I’m not sure, but it sounds like you’re saying that the side bar is taking up space such that the diff area is showing you inline diffs instead of a side by side diff unless you size it down to make the area wider?

If so, you can change the diff style in Preferences > Settings; under the Diffs section you can set Text Diff Style to Side by Side to force it to always use that style.



That is indeed the problem! Thanks for the solution.

Still it would be nice of the widgets would not take more space than they need (“Locations”), and if one can change the weight that it gets (“Commits”), such that the Auto option could be more tailored to ones whishes