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Why was Inverse select removed? Is it not reliable?


Previous versions of Sublime had an Inverse select option which was removed? Why was it removed? Was it not very reliable?

I ask because I am working on a very large document (with over 10K lies), which will require the use of inverse select. But I don’t want to use it if it is not reliable. Because it’s such a large document, it will be impractical to check every line.

PS. I know it is super easy to restore invest select. Simply add the following to key bindings:

// Invert Selection
{ “keys”: [“ctrl+alt+i”], “command”: “invert_selection” }

But because it is so easy to add back, I’m wondering if it was removed due to reliability issues?




It was removed due to a lack of usefulness, the command’s functionality hasn’t changed.

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Why don’t put this functionality in the command palette? I agree it is rarely used, but searching for “invert selection” in the command palette makes it easily reachable without remembering a key combination.