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Why there's no C package, but only a C++ package instead for both languages?


It’s been a while since i first got confused about this, C and C++ default packages are both inside of the C++ package, and the C package doesn’t exists.

Also there’s no C build system at all, and i don’t know if i should try to create a C package pull request. Or even a

So, should this be divided? I don’t know how much of the syntax files are actually shared.

Any thoughts on this?

Note: I don’t know anything about obj-c/c++

EDIT: Looks like Obj-C++ is inside of Obj-C, so it’s actually inverted xDDDD



Isn’t this?

Splitting them at this moment (and any moment later) can possibly break some plugins’ settings if they are depends on paths.



Oh, so that was fixed 11 months ago :upside_down_face:

Didn’t knew about the plugins.