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Why not implement JSX support by default? Sublime text is a old editor?


I understand that JSX is not Javascript (although it is similar but not the same), but it is used in many projects including the most modern ones for React. I know that there are some plugins to support this language, but every time I install the editor on a computer I must be manually installing these plugins that in my opinion should come by default, it is as if you had to add support for html coloring as in eclipse, why do this if it can already come by default.

I remember that sublime text was born to respond to all the most basic needs in a world where ides were getting heavier, it did very well but it is getting very old, for example publishers like Atom already integrate JSX by default and give official support for preview markdown content beyond simple coloring. It saddens me to see how sublime text is becoming more and more relegated by other editors that if they know how to adapt to modern times, I would not like to have to change publishers.

What are the possibilities that sublime text can integrate modern functionalities without having to fight for years in the support forums? For example, I was fighting for more than 10 years in the Google tracker so that they could make a very simple and small modification so Basic and canonical I have been waiting almost 15 years for them to put a simple progress viewer when you format a disk.

I know that the most comfortable thing is to say that you use the plugins that already exist or that will be taken into account for the 2050 release, but why not have this necessary change before? Or why discard these changes that developers are so necessary for us?

There are very basic things that point out the carelessness of the editor over time, for example, it is still possible to see the file navigation bar in white when the editor is dark, manipulating tabs is very complex when you use many files, you cannot do selective closings quickly like firefox does, blocking the expansion while you edit them maintaining a uniform width for each one, trying to hit the close tab button of each one is quite a challenge, there are tabs with 1-character titles and others exaggeratedly long.

Seriously, I like sublime text but I am sad that they let these minimal changes pass, allowing other more modern but less efficient editors to end up being accepted simply for having these and other basic features. Many YouTube channels teach Angular, React and the like using Atom or Visual Studio Code, because they simply have better integration with the languages ​​that are worked on, vscode has better integration with node, atom with jsx and markdown, etc.

Could you please take these points into consideration so as not to see how over the years sublime text ends up in oblivion as notepad ++.



there are plans to ship a JSX syntax by default btw:

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Thank you very much for the information.