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Why is this forum unfriendly?


Sorry to say that, but this forum is very unfriendly place. It’s quite hard to get an answer, specially if you are a beginner. Too bad, because the editor is super cool.

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If you mean Help to convert Bootstrap to Tachyons, in short, I think:

  • It’s only 1 day old. Your current post make me feel you think people are 24-hour here and they must answer your question.
  • Sorry to say that. But I think the thing you want is minority.
  • I may simply answer “No, there is no such plugin”. But it only holds if I viewed all plugins on Package Control, which makes no sense and obviously impossible. So I am reluctant to answer it.


Why are you so whiny? If you’re upset because no one answered your post(s), instead of complaining about how you’ve suffered an unbearable injustice and whole world is against you and your sense of entitlement demands satisfaction, maybe you could think, just for a minute or two, about why you didn’t get any replies. Here are some ideas:

  • Your question subjects are too obscure. Maybe no one here has ever heard of this stuff. It may help to include some more context details so someone might get an idea. Even if they still don’t know it, they might then be able to see that it is similar to something they do know and then offer help.
  • Your questions are not relevant. Your problem is real, it’s happening in Sublime Text, but it’s not particular to Sublime Text or because of it. These questions belong in another forum.
  • Your questions are unclear. It helps to have a clear issue and a question to ask. Even though it might be important to you, information that doesn’t pertain directly to the issue or it’s context makes it harder to understand. Clarity and conciseness are your friends. Start with a short sentence describing the nub of the problem to draw people in and then provide more information if required.
  • Your questions are lazy. Most people here do not get paid for posting. They like to help, but there are many people who have obviously spent little effort to fix their problem or even in crafting their question, and people react accordingly. Consider that people are spending their own precious time (versus your precious time) to help you, and are generally willing to allocate a few seconds to evaluate your post and maybe 2-5 minutes to try to solve it. If your question doesn’t fit into those budgets then you’ve probably got little chance of getting it answered.
  • You’re too impatient. Sometimes it takes a number of days for someone who can help to see your post. That’s probably how often most people come here. If you’re in a hurry try improving your googling skills (think latterly). Posting forum questions, by their nature, are pretty much the slowest way on earth to get help.


Look at your answer…and that’s why it’s unfriendly!



I replied to your post.

Please don’t take this as encouragement to complain in order to get people to reply faster.

nutjob2 has a point, but what they do not mention is: calling a forum “unfriendly” is not a good way to make friends here. You may think it’s unfriendly, but expressing it will certainly make people here see you as unfriendly. So if you really want your posts answered maybe you should follow some of the advice of nutjob2.



Thank you @Tagglink. I got your point.