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Why is the latest Dev build older then GA?


I would expect that the Dev (3210) build be >= to the current GA (3211). If one just looks at the Dev, you wouldn’t have the latest fixes.
Could we update the Dev page to at least be the current?



stable builds are generally just promoted directly from the latest dev build, with no changes

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I think that the version 3211 is the dev version 3210 released as GA. There shouldn’t be any usage difference.



That doesn’t seem to follow how build numbers work. I would expect the dev to have a later build number then the GA, not the other way around.



As stated above, every time a build is created (in either channel) the build number is increased. After a dev build reaches a point where it’s releasable, a new build is made with the same code but in the stable channel instead of the dev channel (this requires a rebuild because the channel is visible in Sublime, such as in the About dialog).

If there’s not a newer dev build than the latest stable build, it means exactly that; there is not a newer dev build since the last time there was a release.

If the devs were to immediately create a new dev build after a release just to bump the version number, then there would be people asking when that build is going to be released instead of thinking they don’t have the latest version yet.

All else being equal, pick a channel (dev or stable), and you’re always as up to date as you want to be based on your preference.

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