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Why is installing plug in so complicated?


I’ve just started using Sublime. I find installing plugins (packages) very complicated and frankly quite scary. It took me an entire day to install my first plug in. I’ve never used Terminal before, I don’t know what Node is and I find it all very off putting.

Why isn’t it like a plug in for a browser - simply click the appropriate plug in and it installs. Simple as that?

At the moment I’m messing around with this scary looking app called Terminal doing goodness knows what damage to my computer. It seems nuts to me.



most plugins can be installed from the Package Control: Install Package entry in the command palette right inside Sublime Text. What plugin were you installing that needed Node and commandline instructions?!



Hi. The SublimeLinter and Minify.



Technically speaking, Packages and Plugins are easily install-able via Package Control; what you’re referring to here is extra external tools that the package you’ve decided to install needs to have installed in order to work.

That’s something that’s outside of the purview of Sublime and the package installation tool and is 100% up to the author of the package/plugin in question.