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Why doesn't this minimal ListInputHandler work?


I’m stumped why the following isn’t working. I’ve reduced it to minimal code that’s the same as other *InputHandlers I use successfully. What am I missing?

import sublime_plugin

class ReplFlavourInputHandler(sublime_plugin.ListInputHandler):
    def placeholder(self):
        return "Select a REPL flavour"

    def list_items(self):
        return ["JVM", "Browser", "Node"]

class OpenClojureRepl(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
    def run(self, edit, repl_flavour):

    def input(self, args):
        return ReplFlavourInputHandler()

That open_clojure_repl command is bound to a key. The problem seems to be that its input method is never consulted by Sublime and so its run method fails with:

TypeError: run() missing 1 required positional argument: 'repl_flavour'




I think maybe the input handlers only work when the command is invoked from the Command Palette, no?

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I think the error message says you did not specify the repl_flavour in args in your keybinding settings since it’s defined as a required arg in your run().



The input() method of a command is invoked when you try to execute a command and it’s missing arguments, but only when that command is in the command palette (i.e. there is an entry in a sublime-commands file for it). It looks like you may have missed that step.



As a side note, although input handlers will be invoked for commands invoked via means other than the command palette (such as a key binding), there is a hard to trace bug in which occasionally Sublime will select and execute the wrong command when you press the key.

I don’t think this is officially reported though, as it doesn’t happen very often and it doesn’t seem to have any known steps to replicate it.



The feature is that the argument is supposed to be automagically plumbed in, with a name derived from the class name of the InputHandler.

Damn. That’s it.

Ah, nice! So it doesn’t actually have to be invoked from the Command Palette, it just needs a presence there, and then it can be invoked directly from a keybinding.

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I can reproduce this bug 100% of the time. Here’s a video:

And a bug report: