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Who else uses Distraction Free Mode?


In the past 6 months, my usage of Distraction Free Mode skyrocketed. Whereas I used to use it maybe once a month, now it’s becoming my default place to write most things. For example, I’m writing this in Distraction Free Mode right now, and will copy and paste it into the forum textarea.

Anyone else doing this? I feel silly how long it took me to realize it’s a faster way to write better.

My only gripe is I would like lines to wrap at 40 characters (like a newspaper), not 80.



I use it from time to time when I don’t want to be distracted or when I want to maximize the editing area.

If you go into Preferences > Settings - Distraction Free you can change the wrap_width to 40 instead of 80 if you prefer. You can also, while editing any type of file, use Preferences > Settings - Syntax Specific and do the same if you want some files to wrap differently than others.

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Wow, thanks @OdatNurd! That fixed it! Sublime Forums are the best.

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breck7, I share your enthusiasm for ST’s distraction-free mode. I’m a copywriter, not a programmer. For my interactions with clients and their projects, I still have to spend a lot of time in the Microsoft 365 world (Word, etc.), but when it comes time to sit quietly and pound out a lot of text, there’s nothing better than ST in that mode, and I use it every day.

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A well written comment :grinning: @dutch! Thanks for sharing.