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Where is the smudge / clean filter support?


I’m loving all of the improvements in Sublime Merge 2–thanks for packing so many helpful features in this upgrade. :slight_smile:

The only issue I’ve found so far concerns this entry in the changelog, which doesn’t seem to be accurate:

Git: Added support for smudge and clean filters, enabling Git LFS support

As an example, here’s what I’m seeing in SM2 with clean and smudge configured to stage a hex-encoded JSON config file (ugh) as formatted JSON:

And here’s how it appears in git-cola (which lacks many things, but I have to keep using it alongside SM simply because it implements Git filters):

<removed> due to new user limits :frowning:

Once the file is staged (whether in SM2 or otherwise), I can see the following in SM2, but obviously this doesn’t help when reviewing changes for staging:

<removed> due to new user limits :frowning:

Is this a bug I should report, or am I expecting too much?



Here’s the git-cola screenshot referenced above:



And finally, the SM2 screenshot after staging:

Thanks :slight_smile:



A bug report for this would be good:



No worries. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but I wanted to test with a simpler .gitconfig before submitting a bug report. Link below.

Thank you!