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When Sublime Text new version is coming out?


Since 1 year almost, the Sublime Text is running version 3211(3.2.2).

This bags serious cocerning question, when is new version of Sublime Text being released.

Is Sublime Text 4 already in Development, if so why there’s no revelation about the same in the website ?

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Sublime Text 4 is currently in a private beta on the Sublime Text discord server.



And it tastes goood :wink:



Good to know, but it still would be much helpful professionally and appreciated, if you or either member of the Discord group can post the link/invite for the same somewhere in the website…




Could anyone summarize what all has improved / been added so far in Sublime Text 4? How is it stacking up with other lightweight editors in its class, like VS Code?



VSCode lightweight? :joy:



VS Code is lightweight if you disable all the IDE stuff that was added later and changed to be turned on by default.



VSCode is one of the slowest editors I have ever tried, but please, don’t make this topic about another editor… let’s stop here.

Could anyone summarize what has or will be improved for ST4?



Strange how you make an additional comment about something you don’t want to talk about, then cut everyone else off from making comments about that topic directly after your comment on that subject. Seems a bit selfish. Comparing the state of these editors is valuable to many people I think.

I’m concerned with the comparison between Code and Sublime not in terms of speed, but in terms of feature sets. I don’t care if vs Code is 10 ms slower per keystroke if Sublime does not support 90 percent of the things Code can do (I’m not saying that that is the case - I’ve never owned Sublime Text - this is just a hypothetical example).



Joseph, I’m sorry for making you feel like I’m selfish. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

This topic is about ST4, no need to talk about VSCode, I just wanted to hear some news but I couldn’t hold myself when you said “VS Code is lightweight”.

That is an absurd statement. I suggest you don’t double down on it, neither insist.

EDIT: with all the respect :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I do agree that Code is slow compared to other editors, but that is because Code ships with a ton of IDE features turned on by default. I feel that many people who are quick to cut down Code’s speed haven’t properly disabled the things that make it slow (items that don’t exist in the other editor they are comparing it to).

With that being said, Code will always be innately slower than anything non-electron. Native apps have that extra speed advantage, but that doesn’t mean that all editors written in Electron are automatically “heavyweight” in my eyes.

Anyway, I don’t wish to further push this. I do hope someone can jump in here and summarize the larger additions to ST4 that is justifying a new version number. I’ve always looked at ST from afar. The main reason I haven’t purchase it so far is because it seems to lack some necessary features that I come to expect from an editor in 2020. I mean no disrespect by that. From my understanding, ST is developed by a very small team, so I get that it can’t move as fast as other editors, but I do hope that v4 closes the feature gap between ST and other modern editors.



I searched in the Discord server for some info, and the announcements sections contains a changelog for each version.

It looks promising but I feel impotent and hopeless with the project still being closed source, because I would have fixed bugs I encounter and I’m sure that a lot of people would too.

I feel hopeless because I know that sublime can’t keep the quality as high as if it was open-source, but because I love the tool, I’ll keep suffering issues, there are currently 1.5k open in the github issue tracker.

EDIT: Well, maybe some miracle after 4.0?

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What are those features, out of interest?

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