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When I try to type the input, I cant


So in python, I perfectly know how to take input from a user. Im new to this idle.
Upon asking for input from the user, where should it type it? (Im launching the program with CTRL + B.



You can’t run a console program (Python or otherwise) that is interactive using a build system because the input of the program you execute isn’t connected to anything in Sublime Text. The symptom of that is that no matter how much it looks like you can type into the output panel, nothing happens and your program will be hung forever.

To execute such a program from Sublime, you either need to set up a build that opens the program in an external console first or use a package such as SublimeREPL to run the program for you.

Terminus may also work well in this regard, but I’m unsure. I don’t use SublimeREPL at all and I’ve never tried to use Terminus for building.



Good Day

Has sublime been updated to take input ? I installed Terminus but not having much luck.

Thank you



It has not, no; however Terminus is the current de-facto solution for this. I have an in depth video on how to use it for builds, linked below. What problems are you having with it?

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Thank you for the reply. I found the video you have in your reply and this seems to be working for me.
Off topic is there a list of what packages are suggested for Python Development?
I have Sublime REPL and LISP installed and I don’t think I need them. Verification that my code is proper I guess is one way to say it.



I would say that you don’t want SublimeREPL if you’re using Terminus. You can craft a build that runs an interactive Python easily if you need that kind of power.

LSP and LSP-pyright would be what I would recommend if you want IDE-type completions and powers out of Sublime.

Apart from that, I don’t have much to add; in this regard the only thing I use is Terminus, and not even for anything Python specific, just in general. Everything else I use is just the straight out of the box Sublime experience.

Others may of course have things they would like to add here.

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