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What's the difference between putting a package source in /Packages vs. having it installed via the package manager?


So I’m trying to work off of a fork of the LSP plugin in order to debug some issues I’m having in implementing an LSP server.

So far I have done the following:

  1. Uninstalled LSP from the package manager

  2. Cloned the LSP plugin repo from github

  3. Symlinked the repo directory to Packages/LSP

But it doesn’t really seem to be working - for instance I can’t run LSP: Enable Language Server in the command palette.

Is there something I’m missing here to “enable” the package or get it working in this context?



There is a settings in Package Control’s which may be related.

	// A list of package names to ignore when performing operations. This will
	// only affect packages that appear to be a git or hg repository, but will
	// be especially useful for package developers who manually deal with the
	// repository and don't want Package Control touching it.
	// It can help if trying to list packages to install hangs, possibly due
	// to an interactive prompt.
	// The setting can also be set to the boolean true to ignore all git and hg
	// repositories, no matter what the name.
	"ignore_vcs_packages": [],

In my former experience, if there is a same-name package on, PC will auto use it to replace the one you used. But maybe it’s not your case. Anyway, you won’t want PC to manage a local plugin that your are developing…



Are you sure you checked out the master branch?



Any errors in the ST console? Maybe missing dependencies which Package Control would normally manage?



I was not on the master branch - this fixed it, thanks

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