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What VS features do you miss the most in ST?


I’ve been in love with ST for many years now, and I wouldn’t use anything else for development, but I’m also a bit worried about its apparent stagnation in terms of new features / future development. I’ve only been using ST, and every time I tried anything else I eventually went back to ST, so I’m not really sure what other editors provide in terms of capabilities compared to ST. Therefore I’m asking: what are the essential features that you miss the most in ST compared to, say, Visual Studio?

The only major thing that comes to mind to me is sticky scrolling. What’s in your ST wish list? What’s the game changer feature that you miss the most and that you think it would make a difference in terms of competition with other editors?



Well, I cannot say that I miss anything in particular. ST has been my daily driver for many years and I think it will stay like that for many years to come. I mostly program in Julia. I’ve used VS once or twice and been using Spyder and R-Studio for some time. The only thing that could be added is a part of the main window that could display the currently drawn plot. Nothing else comes to me, definitely no game changers. I’d wish the developers of ST just keep it as it is, just polish it where needed.

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