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What version am I using?


Most apps populate this information under ‘Help -> About’. It’d sure be nice to know if I’ve upgraded to the latest beta, or if I’m running an older “stable” release, or what.

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Have a look at the title of your sublime window



Thanks - I’ve always run mine in full-screen mode, didn’t even think about looking there.



satil a valid issue if you select help about and you don’t have a internet connection it produces, interesting results. Most apps have a dialog in about and a link to the web site, not just going there.



Linux: Listing ~/.config should at least give away sublime-text-3, if that’s your version.



My Sublime window just says “Sublime Text”, but doesn’t say whether it is version 1, 2, or 3. I have installed all three at some point, so how can I tell which one I’m using? The “About” box also only says “Sublime Text” but includes the build number, 3114. I noticed that is the current build for Sublime Text 3, but can I rely on that to ID my version?



It seems that on OS X you have to do the following:

  1. Open a Finder window to /Applications
  2. Alt-click on the Sublime Text icon
  3. Choose “View Package Contents”
  4. Within Contents, click on Info.plist and hit space bar to pop up Quick Look
  5. Look for the key CFBundleIdentifier (3rd item in the first section on mine)
  6. If its value is “com.sublimetext.3”, you’re obviously running Sublime Text 3


Windows and Linux have an entry in the menu under Help > About Sublime Text that gives this information. On MacOS, it’s under Sublime Text > About Sublime Text instead of in the help menu, presumably due to Apple user Interface guidelines.

Sublime Text 2 mentions that it is Sublime Text 2 in the menu item, along with mentioning the specific version (2.0.2) and build number (2221).

Sublime Text 3 only says “Sublime Text” and does not specify a version number (probably because it’s still technically in Beta), but it does mention the build number (3126).

Based on historical evidence from the blog, any build in the 3000’s is a Sublime Text 3 build. The Download page mentions what build is current, so you can track where you are in relation to the current build if you’re not using it.



This is still a problem. I wonder if’s a religious thing with the sublime developers? Kinda like M$ not fixing the EOL flavors recognition in notepad for 30 years LOL



How exactly is it a problem?

In the olden days, there were versions, like ST2 and ST3; now there is just ST. The thing that tells you what “version” you’re running is the build number, which has always been there and is a direct indication of exactly what “version” you have.

The information about both of them is under Help > About as mentioned in the OP.

While you are running a stable channel build, the dialog box tells you that it is a Stable build, and what the build number is.


If you choose Help > About while you are running a dev channel build, the dialog box tells you that it is a Dev build, and what the build number is.


If you would like to know if your version is the most recently available version for the channel you decided to install, use Help > Check for Update from the menu.



Well, technically, it wasn’t “Always” there - 13 years ago, this information wasn’t published in the Help -> About entry. But this topic should be closed, it was resolved years ago and there’s no reason for someone to necro it.