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What setting to change so that the auto complete window wraps round


When using Sublime, you begin to type a word, and you get a selection of possible options either above or below your cursor that you get then select to save you some typing.

I don’t know if it’s the snippet menu (I think that’s something else), the tab menu or a short cut menu… When I try to do a screen shot it immediately dissapears, so that’s no help.

You can (from this pop up menu) using the arrow keys then select an option and press enter. For example if i’ve typed “wh” I might get

while ( {$1} ) // {$1} cursor position

this is implemented by a snippet.

What I want to know is the name of that little box that pops up with the snippet/short cut options. The “snippet pop up box” ?

My question is about that box
How can I make it wrap around, so when I accidentally press up arrow at the top of the list it doesn’t disappear and the same for the bottom of the list. I’m a cr*p typer, esp if I’m in a hurry, which is all the time.
When the box disappears I’ve got to go back and delete, retype to get the box back. If I want to get out of the box I can hit enter to make a choice or escape (like for many of the other dialogue boxes or multiple cursors etc.)

What’s the name of that box/menu/pop up

How do I make it wrap around please ?

It’s the little things :honeybee:

Thanks in advance !

Ps To the guardians of this forum, the amount of times I’ve accidentally hit tab, when copying out code as an example only for what i’m writing to disappear to some netherworld…



In preferences, there is

    // Controls what happens when pressing the up key while the first item in
    // the auto complete window is selected: if false, the window is hidden,
    // otherwise the last item in the window is selected. Likewise for the
    // down key when the last item is selected.
    "auto_complete_cycle": false,

you can set it to true. You may go through the default preference with comments. Maybe you can find something interesting to make ST fit your habits better.

Generally it seems that devs call it autocompletion (AC). Maybe autocompletion popup?

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Auto complete window according to the comments in the settings.
I’ll see if I can edit my OP to make it more concise know that I know what everything’s called.
BTW your solution worked perfectly, just what I was looking for, thank you !