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What does `Yank` mean in ST3 v3114?


Edit - Mark - Yank Ctrl + K, Ctrl + Y

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v3144? Are you from the future? Guessing you mean 3114?

Yank is Unix terminology that basically means paste, but doesn’t affect the clipboard.

  • You first need to set a mark.
  • Then, Edit -> Mark -> Delete to Mark, which will put the text between the current selection and the mark in the “yank” buffer.
  • Edit -> Mark -> Yank then “pastes”/inserts the text that was deleted/cut.


I found the mark/yank code in Sublime seriously lacking, so I wrote a new one as part of the sublemacspro package. It supports all the Emacs mark and kill ring features with added multi-cursor support. This means that the following commands also work intuitively with multiple cursors:

  • set the mark
  • exchange point and mark
  • Control-K (kill-line)
  • Meta-Delete and Meta-D
  • Control-Y (yank)
  • Meta-Y (yank-pop)
  • Reasonable interaction with the system clipboard

It also has proper support for merging multiple kill commands in a row into a single entry in the kill ring, including any number and order of delete word forward/backward and kill or copy region while preserving the original text properly (unlike the underlying Mac text widget, which mangles things).

I realize that it might be hard to pull all this functionality out from the rest of the plugin but if there was ever a chance of replacing the built-in kill/yank code, I would definitely be willing to give it a try.

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Is there a way to put the text between the cursor and the mark in the “yank” buffer, without deleting it?
A kind of copy rather than cut operation