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What command to merge multiple selections into one multi-line selection?


I can find all instances of something with CTRL + F -> text -> ALT + ENTER.
This will give me multiple selections.
Then I can select the entire line of all these results with CTRL + L, including any starting indent.

If I try to copy/paste this to a new text file, I get a bunch of newlines in between.

I can do some cursor tricks to select just the beginning of the line to the end without the newline (home -> SHIFT + end), but this doesn’t preserve the indentation because HOME doesn’t go to the very beginning of the line. And double-HOME sometimes can give some weird behavior with toggling if I am aggregating additional selections. CTRL + L gives me basically the behavior I want, ignoring that final extra newline.

Is there a way to turn consecutive multi-cursor selections into a single multi-line selection? (multiple selections would be fine if they’re not contiguous).