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Weird behavior for LaTeXTools while writing the " ' " symbol


Hello, I use LaTeXTools for Sublime Text 4 with the following packages and plug-ins :

  • Dictionnaries, Thesaurus
  • LaTeXYZ, LaTeX Word Count, LaTeX SmartQuotes
  • Brackethighlighter, Sublimerge.

This problem is new and I didn’t encoutered it previously.
When I set the syntax of my file with set syntax : LaTeX, a weird behavior is triggered : when I press the ', `' (please note the `) is displayed instead. When I press the key multiple time, those characters are being displayed : `’‹›`’‹›`’‹›`’‹›`’. This issue doesn’t appear on other formats.

Is there a way to remove this weird behavior ? I don’t know what causes it. Thank you in advance for any advice.



Solved this issue by myself. I deleted the packages LaTeXYZ and LaTeX SmartQuotes.