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WebGL Completions and Tooltips


I’m working on completions and tool tips for WebGL in ST3 but I’m finding the documentation really lacking in the tooltips department, everything is very vague and I can’t seem to find just a simple example that takes a completion list, and then displays tooltips off to the side somewhere. Is there a good resource that someone could recommend? I read these:

But it doesn’t really show me how to do anything useful with just a simple completion list…Any tips would be fantastic.

Edit* There are examples out there, but they are very complex, full on plugins for this so there’s a lot of cruft that just looks like gibberish because I don’t even know how a simple case of this looks. That’s more why I want something a bit more simple and straightforward.



Here is a minimal completion script with scope verification:

import sublime, sublime_plugin

class EventListener( sublime_plugin.EventListener ):

	def on_query_completions( self, view, prefix, locations ):

		#■■■  Get Scope  ■■■#

		region = view.sel()[0].a
		scope  = view.scope_name( region )

		#■■■  Verify Scope  ■■■#

		validScopes = []
		validScopes.append( "source.python" )

		validScope_Found = False

		for validScope in validScopes:
			if sublime.score_selector( scope, validScope ) != 0:
				validScope_Found = True

		if validScope_Found == False:

		#■■■  Define Completions  ■■■#

		completionData = []
		completionData.append( ( "CompletionText1", "CompletionDescription1" ) )
		completionData.append( ( "CompletionText2", "CompletionDescription2" ) )
		completionData.append( ( "CompletionText3", "CompletionDescription3" ) )
		# NOTE:
		# I personally use the same value for "text" & "description" when possible to avoid confusion
		# EG: completionData.append( ( "CompletionText4", "CompletionText4" ) )

		#■■■  Return Completions  ■■■#

		completions = []

		for completionSet in completionData:
			text, description = completionSet
			completions.append( ( description, text ) )

		return( completions )


Just FYI, I’m working on a completion plugin that allows devs & users to easily implement contextual completion sets via YAML.


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I’m so happy right now I could cry…Thank you so much!

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No problem, glad to have helped :grin:

So is that what you meant by tooltips?  Based on the context, I kind of guessed that you meant completions, but there is also a way to create tooltips ( technically popups ) as shown in the following image:



That is exactly what I meant, I wanted a tooltip to pop out on completions, but that actually looks better than what I had in mind

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Forgot to mention - there are currently some bugs that affect auto-complete:

Completion triggers with characters not in [a-zA-Z0-9_-] prevent buffer completions

on_query_completions fails to return custom completions when some characters are used


If you use some particular symbols and/or attempt to include snippets in your completions, they will show up BUT they will also cancel out the regular document completions ( only your custom completions will be shown ).