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Web development workflow


I’m looking for slightly-above-beginner-level instruction on using Sublime Text for web development. I use ST mainly for prose writing. My site-building skills are rudimentary, and I’ve been using CoffeeCup html editor forever. I want switch over to using ST for managing my webdev stuff. I have the SFTP plug-in, I’m connected to my servers, etc., but I’m looking for tips and some good examples for how web developers are making good use of ST.

Long story short: Can anyone point me to a good online source for seeing some examples of ST workflow for web development? Searching on my own has been a crapshoot.




I don’t use it myself, but a lot of people use Emmet, and there is also the SublimeLinter plugin which can help with troubleshooting errors live in the file by highlighting text.

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Thanks, tygzy. I’ll check out both of those.