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Way to back up settings to a single file to be reloaded on another computer


Sadly my hard drive died in the middle of the night last week. I bought a new one, and I’m in the middle of installing all my software and getting the settings right. Sadly, I never backed up any of my sublime settings files. I’m trying to get everything the way I had it before, but I don’t even remember most of the settings I set, so it’s taking a lot of work, and it’s not going to be quite the same anyway.

Then, in the middle of all this, I reinstalled ShareX, a very configurable open-source screenshot program. Lo and behold, all my ShareX settings were as they used to be. It turns out it saved all my settings in ApplicationConfig.json, a file in my screenshots folder in my OneDrive (I restored OneDrive on my new computer), and when I reinstalled ShareX, it just searched for that file, and found it, and reloaded all my old settings. If only there was something similar for sublime!

I know it would have been possible to avoid my sublime settings headaches, if I had just saved a few key settings files, or better yet, followed the instructions here. But if it was as easy as a built-in feature, I probably would have done it.



perhaps one of these packages already does this?

but I guess you would still need to remember which package you installed, and install package control and it on for it to sync your settings automatically



Oh dear, I have embarrassed myself. I forgot there were packages for everything in sublime.

I could have thought of this, but I just didn’t prepare for the worst. I’ve never had a hard drive die suddenly like that… All the previous computers in my life died slowly.




Personally, I keep my ST config in a git repo that I also share across multiple devices, but before that I used to symlinks my entire packages folder (now you can also symlinks single packages) to my Dropbox folder.