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Warning when pushing a repo with unpushed submodules?


Hi all,

As a long-time user of Sublime Text I finally bought Merge and I’m enjoying its aesthetic and speed.

However, it would be nice if Merge would warn me when:

  • pushing to a remote, where the pushed commit includes submodule revisions that are ahead of their respective remotes.

Would be nice if there was a small confirmation box with an option to push the submodule too. If the user chooses to push, sub-submodules would be checked and so on.

This is a common user error in my team that results in submodule commits missing from the remote, and would be nice to get some help from the tool.




I know that problem far too good :slight_smile: Just to add a consideration, with multiple remotes in the submodule it might be a bit more difficult to handle.

Just FTR, feature requests tend to get lost in the forums, I’d suggest creating an issue on their GH tracker: