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Vscode is the elephant in the room


As a conclusion, I think the advantages with web technologies outweigh the disadvantages for most* of the apps out there.

Definatly not! A hype about unmanagable bullshit.



Also assumes disadvantages like performance and memory usage are acceptable level for “most” apps. Shit, if most apps ran on Electron I’d need some more RAMs. People keep telling each other that creating software is hardly possible, web technology is the only possible solution, and we should just accept the downsides… like it’s some force of nature that’s bad but we just have to accept it and that if we just embrace it it won’t be so bad.

Yes I can. If all you care about is time to ship and bootstrapping costs, sure. But I like working at a place that will still be in business in 10 years and on software that can be updated and stay relevant. Slapping npm libraries together and bolting it onto Electron is not how you do that. That’s just for shipping fast and rolling onto the next project. People do that a lot. Especially people that blog a lot. Don’t take what’s the hype this month as a measure of what the real world looks like.