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VS Code Shortcuts For Sublime Text


Sublime Text has been gaining popularity among developers who seek a lightweight, fast, and distraction-free text editor. I’ve personally started using it for my personal projects for quite sometime as I prefer a minimalistic text editor, even though the company I work for predominantly uses VS Code for JavaScript and React. However, transitioning from VS Code to Sublime Text can be challenging due to the difference in key bindings and shortcuts.

A preferences or settings section that allows users to select their preferred key binds, including VS Code key binds, would significantly ease the transition process. This feature would be particularly beneficial for developers who have invested time and effort in memorizing VS Code key binds.

By implementing this feature, Sublime Text could attract a wider audience.
Just a suggestion, I’d love to hear what you guys think about it!



For me this sounds more like community project - port the VSC Keybindings to ST. Could be quite interesting, esp. when documenting it comes down to closing possible gaps via existing or new plugins.