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Voice over panic


Hello Sublime forum users!
I have accidentally triggered voice reading text and menus in Sublime text.
After an initial panic at this computer talking nonsense to me, I have realized that I may have used a key combination that triggers a feature for visually impaired users.
However I have been unable to find what in Key bindings and in Settings.
Can you please help me turn this off …
Thank you



That’s not an inherent feature of Sublime; that sounds like something that your OS is doing for you. What operating system are you on?



Thank you for your interest. I am on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
I do not experience this in other applications like for instance while I am typing now; it only happens when in Sublime Text 3



This seems to be for an older version of Ubutunu, but perhaps it may help anyway?



Thank you OdatNurd
As soon as my previous message left, I started to be contradicted by Ubuntu starting to talk to me!!! so … “not just Sublime Text”!!!
I went in settings/sound/volume levels : there are 3 features called “speech-dispather-…” : they were all set to max volume. I switched them off.
problem solved… thank you again!

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