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Vintage Window Management Keybindings


Hope some of you others who want more Vim-like window management can get some use out of this as well.

Note: You may need to change the keybindings file to suit your needs if you use ctrl+k commands frequently.
Request: If someone could submit OSX / Linux keybindings (or tell me what I need to do to make those files) I will add them to the repo.

ctrl+h:    | Move focus left in vertical split mode
ctrl+l:    | Move focus right in vertical split mode
ctrl+j:    | Move focus down in horizontal split mode
ctrl+k:    | Move focus up in horizontal split mode
ctrl+w, D: | Clone for vertsplit
ctrl+w, v: | New window right
ctrl+w, s: | New window below
ctrl+w, l: | Move window to right
ctrl+w, h: | Move window to left
ctrl+w, H: | Move window to left & close buffer
ctrl+w, k: | Move window to top
ctrl+w, K: | Move window to top & close buffer
ctrl+w, j: | Move window to bottom
ctrl+w, L: | Split and move window to right
ctrl+w, J: | Split and move window to bottom
ctrl+w, m: | Consolidate all windows
ctrl+w, c: | Close window

Special thanks to Nilium for the script: Run Multiple Commands.. Command