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Vintage mode automatically turned on after restart (removed from ignored_packages) since 4169


Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

Here’s a screen recording.

In it, I manually removed the “ignored_packages” key in user preferences, restoring it to the default value ([“Vintage”]). I then quitted the application and restart. Within seconds, sublime automatically re-inserted "ignored_packages": [] back into my user preferences, thereby removing Vintage from the list ignored packages. This is only happening since the latest update (4169).

In the console, the relevant lines seem to be the following:

reloading python 3.3 plugin rainbow_csv.auto_syntax
reloading python 3.3 plugin rainbow_csv.main
reloading python 3.3 plugin rainbow_csv.sublime_rbql
plugins loaded
reloading settings Packages/Formatter/Formatter.sublime-settings
ignored packages updated to: [] 👈
reloading settings Packages/User/Package Control.sublime-settings 👈
reloading plugin Vintage.vintage 👈
reloading plugin Vintage.vintage_commands 👈
reloading plugin Vintage.vintage_motions 👈
reloading settings Packages/User/Preferences.sublime-settings
reloading /C/@0/Sublime Text 4/Data/Packages/User/Preferences.sublime-settings
Package Control: Skipping automatic upgrade, last run at 2023-12-04 06:30:16, next run at 2023-12-04 14:30:16 or after

About Vintage

Do you have Package Control 4.0 installed, already?

It removes orphaned entries from ignored_packages at startup.

It should but maybe doesn’t recognize your default packages for some reason and thus treats the entry as belonging to a no longer installed 3rd-party package.

If you open console and execute

from package_control.package_manager import PackageManager; sorted(PackageManager().list_default_packages())

… what does it return?

It should look like

>>> from package_control.package_manager import PackageManager; sorted(PackageManager().list_default_packages())
['ASP', 'ActionScript', 'AppleScript', 'Batch File', 'Binary', 'C#', 'C++', 'CSS', 'Clojure', 'Color Scheme - Default', 'Color Scheme - Legacy', 'D', 'Default', 'Diff', 'Erlang', 'Git Formats', 'Go', 'Graphviz', 'Groovy', 'HTML', 'Haskell', 'JSON', 'Java', 'JavaScript', 'LaTeX', 'Language - English', 'Lisp', 'Lua', 'Makefile', 'Markdown', 'Matlab', 'OCaml', 'Objective-C', 'PHP', 'Pascal', 'Perl', 'Python', 'R', 'Rails', 'Regular Expressions', 'RestructuredText', 'Ruby', 'Rust', 'SQL', 'Scala', 'ShellScript', 'TCL', 'Text', 'Textile', 'Theme - Default', 'Vintage', 'XML', 'YAML']


Thanks for the reply. I don’t have access to my laptop to run that in the console now but for the time being I can report that I was able to (temporarily) solve the problem by extracting vintage with package resources viewer. Once vintage has been extracted package control will no longer remove it from ignored packages.



I just now got to test it. It returns an empty list for some reason.

(I don’t know if this is connected with my use of package resources viewer. I know in the past at least Package Control doesn’t like it when it itself is extracted by PSV…)



I have this problem, and can confirm that I I have Package Control 4.0.

It looks like this is being fixed, though (here)



The problem appears to be fixed if you remove the extracted Default from your ST user config (sublime-text/Packages).


Package Control & vintage

Fixed by PC 4.0.1

The problem is caused by some users unpacking default packages instead of using shipped *.sublime-package files as is.



im using 4169 but problem still happen, how can i do? it is so nightmare every i tap esc



solved, i just delete Vintage.sublime-package from \Sublime Text\Packages\



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Do not suggest not to upgrade to Package Control 4!!!

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