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View page?


Pardon the very simple question, but I’m just trying out Sublime Text as a WYSIWYG html editor. I import an html file that works, and I am offered opportunities to edit it. But HOW DO I SEE THE RENDERED FILE? As in, how do I see what I want to get? I’d like to believe I can do edits on the rendered file with Sublime Text, and not on the html code. That’s the presumption of WYSIWYG. The pages I’m working on are pretty simple, text with fonts, and links. Help!



Sublime Text is not a WYSIWYG editor. It is “just” an advanced code/text editor.

It doesn’t provide a full fledged HTML rendering engine which would be capeble to display all sorts of live preview within the editor.

To get live preview of HTML content, you’d need to setup a dev server which looks up file changes and updates rendered content. That’s the way how most web frameworks work these days.



Thank you. I thought I saw it announced as WYSIWYG, but I fear I was wrong. Oh well …



You could try View in Browser, an extension in Package Control.
Open in Browser may work as well.
It’s been a long time since I’ve used Sublime Text. There may be an extension that lets you see the edits in real time, but I have forgotten it.