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Very large files loading


I am trying to open a Gmail exported mail file which is ~13GB on a 24GB RAM computer. It is a plain text file with no extension. The task seems impossible, and my only option is to use an editor like the one in Total Commander, that works instantaneously.

Is there a way to configure ST to read files “on demand” instead of loading the whole file in RAM at a slow pace?

I know there has been some discussion about the issue.



No, many of the features (in fact the core architecture of our text editing component) involved chunking text into tokens. These are used for navigation, word wrapping, and a bunch of other features.

For the situation like working with a 13GB file, my hunch would be to say that Sublime Text is likely not the correct tool for the job. I would probably recommend processing it with some code and breaking it into chunks that you can then manipulate separately, filter, etc.



It sounds sensible. Perhaps the best solution is to preprocess the file with some other tool as you suggest.

Thanks for your answer!