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Verilog and SystemVerilog Developing useful things

  1. In C ++ on qt there is such a feature: shading the code in the


    block branch if the parameter is not defined. Would be very useful on Verilog/SystemVerilog for large projects, with hundreds / thousands of parameters in different project files.
  2. Underline the include files if they are not found;
  3. Ability to open include files by Ctrl + Click on hover.
  4. ctrl + click on any variable in the code throws it to the place of its declaration.
  5. When connecting submodules, if you put (or already stand between the brackets, it will display a pop-up menu with possible signals
    How can I contact the author of the SystemVerilog / Verilog plugin?


You can file an issue on the corresponding Github repository.

But only the first request belongs to a syntax package imo. The SystemVerilog package is more than just syntax but the Verilog package is basically just for syntax highlighting.