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VCS badges with SVN



I have some questions about using sublime text with SVN :

  • Is it possible to use VCS badges on sublime text 4, with SVN instead of GIT ?
  • If it is not possible natively, is it then possible to interact with a python module on the “file_system_entry” class and their attributes (added, deleted, ignored, missing, modified, staged, unmerged, untracked) used in the themes ?

PS : I use SublimeText stable v4143.

Thanks in advance for your help



The support for version control is in the application core and supports git only. The internal theme rendering is what knows to apply the various file classes to the file system entries; it’s not possible to control that via a plugin. Among other things, the API has no access to information about the sidebar other than knowing if it’s open or closed.



Yes, that’s what it seemed to me after various tests and a lot of research.
It’s a pain, hoping that it will be possible in future versions.
Thanks for your feedback