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UX improvement suggestion


Hi, first of all, great idea, looking forward to how it will evolve :slight_smile:

I’ve started to test it recently, and there are 2 things that would be great to improve:

  • the diff, it’s way to compact. It shows 3 lines before and after the modified line. It’s horror if you have many changes and don’t know all the context by heart or even more, someone else comes to check it out. Because of this, I need to switch between meld and sublime merge. It would help to be able to scroll through the file to see more of it.
  • the push/pull button, should have a confirmation dialog. I’ve clicked it by mistake a few times and messed it up (I’ll get used to it, but still, the RED button always needs a confirmation first for dummies :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)
  • and last, it would be helpful to speed up sometimes with a commit & push button (with confirmation of course)

Thank you



You can just give over the edge of the diff text box, and then drag to show more context if 3 lines is not enough.



Nice, thank you.
Last thing, is there an option to always max this or change that limit?



Not that I’m aware of, one of the developers would have to chime in.