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Using projects?



I don’t see the point of projects. Could you explain what I could gain by using them?

Thank you :slight_smile:



Just like how people use version control system, we usually do not put all our codes in a BIG repo (but you can do it if you want, called monorepo) because there is no relationship among repos. It’s more like a personal “taste” in this aspect.

But, afaik, some plugins take the first folder in the project as the only folder to work with.



You can customise Sublime’s settings per-project rather than using the same settings for everything.

I don’t use saved .sublime-projects either though. The muscle memory of cd-ing around in Terminal and typing subl . is too strong.



I see, thank you yeah.

I saw that some plugins need to have projects indeed. That’s why I created some.

But to be fair, autojump in shell + subl . makes the thing.

That’s why I was wondering this.



An additional reason to use a project is that when a window has an assigned sublime-project fie, you can close that window and then later re-open the project and have the window return exactly as it was previously, which includes not only the folders you had open but also the files that you had open, the window layout, position, selections, etc. You can even edit a file, close the window without saving anything and see those changes still waiting for you when you re-open the project.

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Thank you for your explanation it’s clear.

For the moment I don’t feel the need. I mostly use cmd+p + layout via keyboard, and I don’t like having too many tabs.