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Using paramiko library in ST2 plugins




I am not able to load the Crypto library in ST2 (Mac OS X). I know that “Sublime Text ships with a trimmed down standard library. Notable missing modules are the Tkinter, multiprocessing and sqlite3 modules. trimmed down standard library. Notable missing modules are the Tkinter, multiprocessing and sqlite3 modules.” ( … ugins.html)

But this list does not include Crypto and my understanding is that ST2 on Mac OX is using system python (I can, for example, import sqlite3).

Any ideas?


ps: I actually want to use paramiko, which relies on Crypto.



Crypto is not a built-in python module. It is a 3rd party package. You can check the Python documentation, there is no crypto.

This is from a python install on the MAC (not from ST2).

>>> import crypto Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> ImportError: No module named crypto



Yes, of course, you are right! So what I did is get the files from the paramiko library, copy them to the folder [ST Packages]/[MY PACKAGE]/paramiko with the init in it and I should be able to load the library, right? I am still failing with the Crypto library. It’s actually in a subfolder of the paramiko library so I copy it from this subfolder to [ST Packages]/[MY PACKAGE]/Crypto, which solves one problem but others come up. The one I am currently stuck with is this:
File “./Crypto/Util/”, line 59, in
from Crypto.Util import _counter

Any ideas?

EDIT: Actually, I downloaded crypto separately and placed it in the [ST Packages]/[MY PACKAGE]/Crypto folder. Here are the two links: …
Then I get the error
File “./Crypto/Random/”, line 28, in
from Crypto.Random import OSRNG
which is solved by changing line 28 in the Crypto/Random/ file from ‘from Crypto.Random import OSRNG’ to ‘import OSRNG’ Now I arrive at the error
File “./Crypto/Util/”, line 59, in
import _counter

Any solutions? Am I doing something wrong when I try to ‘install’ a library for ST2 python?



okay, I solved my problem. Here are the steps just in case anyone else wants to use the ‘paramiko’ library for a ST2 plugin:

  1. use ‘easy_install paramiko’ to install paramiko and crypto. Now your system python should be able to import paramiko
  2. Install paramiko for your ST2 plugin
    a) Get paramiko from here (or alternatively the most recent version from github).
    b) Place the folder with the ‘’ file in [ST Packages]/[MY PACKAGE]/paramiko
  3. Install Crypto for your ST2 plugin
    a) Check where your python libraries are using
    python -c “from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib; print get_python_lib()”
    b) Go to that folder (in my case /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages) and copy the file ‘pycrypto-2.6-py2.7-macosx-10.8-intel.egg’ somewhere
    c) Unpack it (just rename it to .zip)
    d) copy the Crypto folder with the init file from the unpacked folder to [ST Packages]/[MY PACKAGE]/Crypto
  4. Change line 28 in the file ‘…/Crypto/Random/’ from ‘Crypto.Random import OSRNG’ to ‘import OSRNG’
    (Note: I think you have to go through the installed Crypto package and not just the downloaded one because that includes some compiled c libraries. So I guess you can also compile them yourself)

I know, it’s a mess but now you should be ready to go. If anyone has an easier solution, please post. I think that these kind of things prevent a lot of non-professional developers from developing packages.


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