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Using MacOS keyboard shortcuts in Windows


Hi Forum,

I’ve been doing most of my work in recent years in MacOS. Recently I started working on a project that required development in Windows environment. Windows keyboard bindings are very different from the ones used in MacOS. I keep hitting wrong keys constantly :-). Is there a way to bring the MacOS keybindings into Windows? I could customise bindings one by one but it seems like a lot of work. There does not seem to be a way to select default keymap. I.e. a way to select MacOS keymap as default in Windows version and then add some personal customizations on top of it. Any help would be appreciated.




MacOS and Windows reserve different keys and have different names for keys (specifically cmd). Due to this it’s not really possible to use the macOS keybindings on Windows directly. Changing things just inside ST would also break consistency with all other apps.



I haven’t used ST in anger on OSX for a while, but I think I had to use Karabiner to get the behaviour I wanted without flipping things mentally. That box has now been repurposed for Linux so I don’t have any record of specifics.



Take a look at Kinto. It will setup macOS style key-bindings system wide. It can be used on both Windows and Linux, although the tooling is very different for each platform.

On Windows Kinto is basically a wrapper for a AutoHotKey script. The documentation provides examples of how to do Application specific changes.



Thanks for your answers. I’ll take a look at Kinto, it looks promising.