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Using Mac keyboard in linux - problem with key bindings



I’m using a Mac keyboard with control, option, command keys on linux
I’m unable to map anything to the options key.

I installed the keybindings helper package and this is what I see in the input console
control+a ==> key evt: control+a
option+a ==> chr evt: å (0xe5)
command+a ==> key evt: alt+a

Is there a way to get the option key to also work ?
I’m missing a key that can be very helpful in shortcuts.


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By default on macOS, option+<any> and option+shift+<any> (any = letters, numbers, and symbols) provides a secondary and tertiary set of characters as seen here on wikipedia. Because of this, all macOS keyboard shortcuts include other modifiers (super+ or ctrl+). This is why there are only 2 option+ shortcuts on macOS for Sublime Text (alt+f2 & alt+enter).

Having never used a Mac keyboard on Linux, the only thing I can think of is to check the driver and its settings to make sure any feature regarding the above is turned off. It may be possible that the keyboard is actually sending the raw character codes, but I really don’t know.