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Use of CTRL Key Disrupts Keyboard Input


Some odd and - due to their frequency - very annoying effects occur when using the CTRL key shortcuts.

For example, if I do a CTRL+ALT+S to save all file changes and then I want to enter some value “k” in the text: pressing the “k” character the first time produces no effect (bar maybe an error chime), the second pressing of lowercase “k” prints a kappa character where I wanted a “k” and I eventually get a “k” on the third pressing of that key . . .
If I had tried to type an “s”, I get a German-beta character (stands for “ss”).
If I tried an “o” character, I will get a degree character on the second pressing of “o” key.

I’ve seen lately how Ubuntu system key shortcuts override any key-bindings set by ST plugins. So I suspect something similar may be happening here.

How can I isolate my ST environment from the Ubuntu operating system settings ?



Does the same thing happen in other applications? Perhaps you have set the compose key to ctrl or alt?



Dead right.
Just went on the Tweaks utility on Ubuntu and changed the compose key from Left-CTRL to Right-CTRL. Chimes and special characters gone now.

Many thanks, bschaaf. :deer: