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URL error coming after adding certificates


Can anyone help me with this issue ?
This below issue is coming after adding multiple certificates in the merged-ca-bundle.crt
the issue: Package Control: Found previously exported CA bundle at C:\Users\SONY\AppData\Local\Sublime Text 3\Cache\Package Control\oscrypto-ca-bundle.crt (14776 bytes) Package Control: Urllib HTTPS Debug General Connecting to on port 443 Package Control: Urllib HTTPS Debug General Upgrading connection to SSL using CA certs file at C:\Users\SONY\AppData\Local\Sublime Text 3\Cache\Package Control\merged-ca-bundle.crt

    `Package Control: Error downloading channel. URL error [X509] PEM lib (_ssl.c:2231) downloading

**By the way this error is coming after adding unknown certificates for this error **:Package Control: Error downloading channel. URL error [X509] PEM lib (_ssl.c:2231) downloading


URL error coming

Manual manipulation of merged-ca-bundle.crt is useless as it is overwritten the next time Package Control exports certificates from OS store.

Custom certificates need to be added into Packages/User/Package Control.user-ca-bundle and will me merged into merged-ca.bundle.crt together with the exported ones from OS.

You seem to be using “urllib” downloader.

Package Control uses “wininet” downloader on Windows by default. It relies on Windows native TLS module and uses certificates from native store directly.

You may want to comment out "downloader_precedence" from your user settings to switch to default downloader.

All of that however doesn’t work if no trustworthy connection can be established due to someone trying to read your data traffic.

Note: Assuming you are on a fairly up-to-date Package Control 4.x