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URGENT: temporal buffer lost for one tab, important contents lost


Hi all,
sorry for the title

While at work using the great ST3 for programming, at personal laptop (win8), I am using it to keep important notes and working things, ToDo lists and so on …

Like three windows with five to ten tabs each, all in the temporal buffer…

Right now, just after I went back from chrome to ST3, a message appear: something like “File has been change, reload?”,

what at first surprise me, as no file loaded in ST3 should have change,

I say cancel, and a TAB just disapear with important info,

Ctrl+Z of course doesn’t do anything

Ctrl+Shit+T open old closed file, not the just lost tab

%AppData%\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Local
shows two files:
Session.sublime_session -> with date five days off
Auto Save Session.sublime_session -> with date few seconds back (and no trace of missing info)

I am almost sure I have lost that info forever and ever,
And that makes me angry

but moreover, WHAT HAS HAPPENS?,
and may it happen again?

%AppData% is on C:, where no cloud app sync file is doing anything at all,

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very strange, if the tab was temporal and thus had no file associated with it, there is no way it could have changed on disk and need to be reloaded… I wonder if a plugin somehow caused it…

It may not be recoverable as it would be where you have already checked and confirmed it’s not there (I guess the five day old session doesn’t contain it, even an out of date version could be better than none?), unless your personal laptop has any form of periodic or off-device backups from the roaming profile folder…

my advice is always save your important tabs - you can always delete the files later if you don’t need them



That is dangerous to keep important files in a temporary buffer in your editor. I am sorry that happened to you, and likely isn’t recoverable. However, in the future you should save anything that is important to you. I keep a “notes” folder and then keep all of my todos etc in there. You can even keep them in a git repository for version control and backup.



That sad, I guess I has to admit it lost forever

Maybe not the most apropiated usage for ST3, but maybe a little tunning (so plugin) so temporary buffer is online backuped just every few seconds (to avoid local disk wear)

Preferiable a file per window (not per tab as it seems only option by default)
tkuraku, I did this time ago (on Notepad++) and “todo file” was getting out of hand, not so dinamic, flexible as tabs going back and forth…

kingkeith, thaths indeed first time I experience since at least 4 years i have been with ST, and most probably relying in the temporal buffer since day 2 i did discovered it.

Any advice?

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The advice is save your important notes. If you are trying to reduce disk wear this isn’t going to help. The temporary files are still saved to disk in the sublime_session files.