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Updated dock icons for Big Sur?


Not high priority obviously, and sorry if this has been asked before I couldn’t see it when searching.

Just wondered if there’s new dock icons on the way for SublimeText & SublimeMerge? They are the last two holdouts on my dock and they stick out like a sore thumb :smiley:

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From this Discord message:


This is in reference to ST4 however; for ST3 I’m not sure if it applies because it’s been stated that there are no planned further releases for ST3 unless there’s a change that’s mandated by the OS to keep things running, and this doesn’t seem like it would apply.

However the message that the above was in response to had some user supplied icons, and perhaps the new ones may be made available outside of a “standard” release, so one way or another new icons can surely be had. :slight_smile:



Definitely agree on this one - been waiting on them to change and I created a forum account just to like this request.