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Update Nagging Message Box is annoying


I really like this editor and all the features. But I really hate the way the editor shows that a new version is available. Can this just go to a status bar somewhere without a message box for clicking ok. I do not have the time to directly update the editor whenever there is a new version.

Or even better: Add a button, with “update” for users using the tar-version. I do not want to disable the check_version itself. The way of showing us this information is not as user-friendly as the editor is.


Fixed download url for latest version

On Windows, updating is seamless and takes about 2 seconds. But I see your point on Linux where it doesn’t update itself automatically and you have to go through a manual process instead. I just worry a status bar notification wouldn’t be noticable enough though…



But isn’t this the power of sublime? There should be a config entry, allowing me to control the level of annoying.

You are right. This is an issue on Linux.
But everything on Linux else: totally fine.

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