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Update from 3? to 4173 destroyed session


Hi there,

I’ve found other issues regarding this (this among them), but nothing that exactly pertained to my issue.

On MacOS, updating to 4173 (after finally purchasing a license) destroyed my session file, completely overwriting even the one in the Sublime 3 folder with blank defaults. My last backup is 4 months old, which is… honestly not great.

I guess it’s too late to recover anything? According to the search, this has happened at least once before. I made full copies of my library folders. Are there any logs I can provide to prevent this from happening in the future?



What version did you update from? (the old version should still be in your trash) Sublime Text 3 (build 3211) does have some bugs that can lose the session that have since been fixed.

As for recovery we do make a backup session file when updating, but that one is also affected by the session saving bugs I mentioned.