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Unsuported 16K page size prevents arm64 Sublime apps from starting on M1 mac running Linux natively


M1 macs use 16K page sizes for better performance. Now that Linux can run on arm64 Macs, arm64 apps, such as Sublime Text and Sublime Merge, must support all standard arm64 page sizes. Unfortunately, software written using jemalloc has problems allocating more than 4K page sizes under arm64, meaning both Sublime Merge and Sublime Text fail to run on the M1 Mac that runs Linux natively.

More information about this issue can be found at Asahi Linux’s first alpha release’s announcement:

Looking forward to run Sublime apps on my M1 running Linux natively!

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Seconded. If Sublime devs could take this upstream to jemalloc would be appreciated.

It’s possible building with


Could be a viable patch



Hi all,

Thanks for reaching out!

Both the stable (2071) and development build (2072) of Sublime Merge supports 16K pages.
Please let us know if you’re still seeing issues and we can investigate further.

Support will also be added to Sublime Text in the next stable and development build.

- Dylan from Sublime HQ