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Unnecessary completions


Hi there! I have an issue with autocomplete in
Can somebody explain what is the cause sublime text shows so much completions that are not keywords, methods, variables etc.?

And also says there is no details about that?

I see that it shows path to some file in ‘node_modules’ and I don’t understand what is this at all.

If somebody can help I would be happy.



ST indexes your project and supplies completions from other files. This duplicate entries look like they’re from a plugin though.



Oh, thanks. That really was from plugin - ‘Import helper’, It was hard to find out which one causes problem, despite the fact I don’t have a lot for completions.

And may be you know how to disable all completions for variable names, because I still have lots of them and looks like I won’t use them (It’s triggered by LSP-typescript)

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