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Unknown packages when viewing browse packages


I use sublime for python programming. The 6 packages listed below are what show when you choose list packages.

  1. Jedi, Python Autocomplete
  2. LSP
  3. LSP-pyslip
  4. Package Control
  5. Package Dev
  6. Terminus

When you go into Browse Packages there are many others that I don’t remember if I installed them or there associated with other packages. Is there a way to find out if there being used or are linked to other packages?

  1. Backrefs
  2. bracex
  3. lsp_utils
  4. markupsafe
  5. mdpopups
  6. pathlib
  7. ptyprocess
  8. pygaments
  9. pymdownx
  10. pyte
  11. python-jinja2
  12. python-markdown
  13. pyyaml
  14. sublime_lib
  15. wcmatch
  16. wcwidth

Maybe its just better to leave them?
Thank you



They are all dependencies, which are used in your chosen packages.



As an aside, if you install OverrideAudit, it includes a command in the command palette OverrideAudit: Package Report that lists all packages and tells you where they’re installed.

Dependency libraries show up in a different color, and if you hover your mouse over them, the popup will tell you what packages are using them.



How did you determine that? By using the package mentioned by OdatNurd? Just asking for the future is all.
Thank you



Simply by experience. But I do have OverrideAudit installed indeed.