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Unity Game Engine Integration


Not a Sublime Text plugin, but a Unity game engine package, nevertheless, this package adds complete integration so the developer is able to use Sublime Text as the code editor with Unity, just like the officially supported VSCode, Jetbrains Rider and Visual Studio code editors/ide’s. Requires LSP and LSP-Omnisharp.



Awesome work,I also use Sublime Text with Unity cause other IDE too heavy. Any plan to release it to Unity Assets Store?



Thank you, yep it’s pending review. Will paste the url here once it’s approved.



Any news of the Assets Store?



Ah yes, after 4 weeks of reviewing they have declined the package stating that it’s not allowed to use trademarked names or logos on Asset Store media. I had the ST and Unity logo side by side in the key images. I’ve sent them 20 (out of hundreds) other packages that contain trademarked content, logos and such, asking how are they allowed. They told me the team will look into those packages :clown_face:

Honestly, it’s much better to use the package manager, I can push updates without waiting for reviews and without going through Asset Store tools and everyone will receive them immediately.



Hey there, I just stumbled across your post, and I gotta say, I totally feel you on using Sublime Text with Unity. Other IDEs can be such a drag sometimes.